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September 22, 2021

JupiterGear's Top Workout Equipment

Working out from home doesn't have to break the bank!  Are you trying to shred those quarantine pounds or looking to build a booty from your living room? Check out some of JupiterGear's top rated workout accessories for creating a simple quarantine routine.  

Resistance Bands Are A Must

No at-home gym is complete without a solid set of resistance bands.  Resistance bands are the perfect choice for a complete all-round fitness workout that includes strength, muscle gains, toning, flexibility and mobility.  
Whether you are at home or on the go, the choice of staying fit and strong will never be an excuse with the ‘Portable Full Body Exercise Bar With Resistance Bands’ setup. This ‘Anywhere Full Body Gym’ allows you to work on all major muscle groups in the upper and lower body.  
Resistance training increases muscle strength by making your muscles work against a force. Don’t let the absence of a gym stop you from reaching your fitness goals.
Resistance Bands With Portable Bar



Building a booty is simple with JupiterGear's Fabric Loop Resistance Bands.
Unlike traditional loop bands made of latex that rolls or slides up as you exercise, the fabric resistance bands have a non-slip grip textured interior to ensure they stay put during squats, lunges or leg lifts.
Fabric Loop Resistance Band

Build A Stronger Core

Forget doing hundreds of crunches! JupiterGear's Ab Wheel Roller is a much more efficient way to build your six pack. Performing roll out exercises with this extra comfortable wheel strengthens not only your abs, but your back, arms, and shoulders as well.  For extra joint protection, use our balance pad under your knees while rolling!

Ab Wheel Roller

Get Zen with the Perfect Yoga Gear

Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha—pick your favorite flow, and book an at home session that focuses on your specific practice to help it grow. To get in the perfect Zen mindset for your next yoga class, you’ll need the right gear. Whether it’s a pair of fitted yoga socks, a no slip mat to support your shape during downward dog or a yoga mat towel that give you the confidence to maintain your pose, high-quality yoga products impact your time on the mat.

Check out JupiterGear's Jute Premium Eco Yoga Mat + Foot Roller

Jute is a natural vegetable plant that takes only 45 months to grow to maturity, making it a sustainable resource. Jute cleans the air by consuming carbon dioxide, and the leaves are a natural soil conditioner. It’s clearly a smart and naturally beautiful choice for a cleaner and safer environment.

With 10 colors available, you can't go wrong with this Jute Yoga Mat! *Bonus* It comes with a foot massager to help relieve stiffened muscles and tissues in hands, arms, legs & feet.

Jute Premium Eco Yoga Mat

Looking for a thicker mat that's easier on your joints?  Check out our Extra Thick Yoga + Pilates Mat!

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