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Gear to Elevate Your World

We're all searching for a better life. And that means finding the perfect products that maximize the joy and fulfillment from your daily activities. From tech that will boost the experience of your trail run to kitchen items that will heighten those foodie moments with friends, these are the gems that will make every day that much more enhanced.

Welcome to JupiterGearHome, the evolution of shopping, dedicated to transforming your lifestyle, leveling up your experiences, and creating value.

Our expedition began with the launch of JupiterGear, an activewear and workout gear site created to accelerate you along your fitness journey. Founder Pez Elias is the heartbeat behind the brand, and as JupiterGear progressed, he discovered the power of utilizing certain products to add happiness to his own life. This included simple ideas of upgrading your home speaker system to enrich your family movie night and selecting an elegant picnic basket to celebrate that romantic evening with your honey.


That’s when Jupiter Gear Home emerged.

He realized he wanted his life, his conversations, and the things he was consuming (in every sense of the word) to be elevated. Pez recognized that living an elevated life meant focusing on the quality of his day-to-day experiences. With a drive for finding supplementary ways to improve your physical and mental health and equipped with a master’s degree in public health from Yale, Pez furthered the vision of JupiterGear to start JupiterGearHome. It’s his way of sharing how he enhances his own life while making an impact for positive change.

The mission of JupiterGearHome is to provide products that will help you live your best life every single day.

It’s truly all about you. With a discerning eye on items that are amazing on many different levels, and some that are just plain fun and others that perform convenient functions, this site serves you.

At JupiterGearHome, we are constantly hunting and curating products that supercharge your world. If you are ready to be inspired, excited, and passionate about your life, then you’ve found the right place. Our vision is to become the leading site for people who want to take their experiences to the next level, because we believe passion drives passion. Let’s turn it up as loud as it can go, push all the buttons, create some energy!

We’re beginning a new era, where we’ll be elevating your every bite, swipe, step, view, and vibration to greater heights. There will be extraordinary offers, hand-picked items, and incredible discoveries. Shop for specially selected products and then relax, sip a glass of wine, envision your personal wellness goals, take a moment to listen to soul-soothing music. We’ll be here, every day, with every step...

To gear you up along the way!

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