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September 22, 2021

Best Gym Accessories For Women


Whether you're going back to the gym or working out at home, JupiterGear offers the BEST accessories and workout gear to make sure that nothing stands in your way from crushing your goals.

1. Sweat-Wicking Headbands

sweat-wicking headband

Nothing is worse than having to pause your set of reps to wipe sweat out of your eyes.  With our Extra-Thick Sweat-Wicking Headband, you get the best of both worlds: sweat protection and style!

2. Water Resistant Running Fanny Packs

Made from durable and lightweight materials to maximize carrying space while eliminating movement of the pouch during your favorite workout.  These fanny packs are the perfect way to keep your hands free but also keep your most important products on you -- phone, keys, wallet, chap-stick, and other essential items.

3. Grippy Gloves

Avoid callused hands with a pair of grippy workout gloves.  These gloves are made of a super absorbent material to make sure that you can move into the perfect yoga positions without sliding or lift weights with ease.  

4. Weighted Jump Rope With Memory Foam Handles

Weighted Jump Rope With Weighted Handles

Looking for a quick cardio sesh?  JupiterGear's weighted jump rope is made with a thick speed cable and weighted memory foam handles to help you build muscle while you burn fat.  This rope is perfect for everyday workouts and will help you push your limits!

5. Muscle Recovery Gear

acupressure mat and pillow

Cooling down after a workout is just as important as warming up.  Bring the benefits of muscle recovery to your home with JupiterGear's muscle recovery gear.  Our editor's favorite is this Ki Acupressure Mat and pillow set.  This set reaches 7,911 acupressure points without the fear of actual needles.  

To further enhance your recovery and muscle performance, you can also check out our high density foam rollers.  These rollers help reduce tension and alleviate knots.  Used daily, these rollers increase range of motion and help stabilize your core/spine.

Now that you know about our top gym accessories...




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