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September 22, 2021

5 Best Ways To Get Motivated During Quarantine

Pumpkin spice season is upon us ladies, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our Summer bods!  Whether you’re a gym fanatic who is stuck at home looking to create a fresh quarantine routine or a newbie to the workout scene, here are 5 of the best ways to get motivated.

Step 1: Write down your most ambitious goals.  


Personal and physical growth stems from making small positive changes in attitude and action every day. 

There are a lot of ways you can write down your goals, but one of the most satisfying and fun ways is sticky note goals.  Write your goals on a sticky and post them in your workout area.

As soon as you achieve a sticky note goal, RIP IT UP!  Another rewarding option is to fold it up, and place them in #GOALS jar so you can see what you’ve achieved (this can also help with Step 4).

Step 2: Find an accountability partner. 


This can be a friend, or a family member, co-worker, or even someone online that has similar goals!  Share your most ambitious goals with them and communicate your wins and aspirations with them.

Step 3: Plan workouts that YOU love. 


Find exercises that will help you meet your goals.  If you’re looking to get stronger, shred body fat, or build a stronger booty using our resistance bands, you should love whatever workout you’re doing!

Trouble finding a workout you love? Check out the #jupiterchallenge

Step 4: Track your progress. 


Write down the progress that matches your goals.  Looking to shred a few pounds? Write down your weight on a weekly basis.  Want to see your booty progress?  Snap mirror pics and save them to a #GOALS album or post them to an Insta Highlight so you can SEE the difference.

Step 5: Put in the effort! 


Life can get busy and hectic, but putting in the effort means #NOEXCUSES. Show up and give 100%!  Remember that if your workouts are not getting easier, it means you're getting STRONGER.

Now that you're motivated, you should focus on STAYING motivated!

Motivation is a mental state, which is influenced by your physical being and the surrounding environment.  To create a welcoming environment you can check out some of JupiterGear's best at-home workout accessories or you can treat-yo-self to some of our beautiful activewear sets so you can look and feel your best!



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