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Sealy Bluetooth White-Noise Sleep Speaker w Wireless Charger & Alarm Clock (SN-104)

Brand: Sealy


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Sealy Bluetooth White-Noise Speaker with Wireless Charger


  • BENEFITS OF WHITE NOISE SPEAKERS: A white noise machine is a device that produces a soothing that calms the listener. Listening to sounds like a rushing waterfall or wind blowing through trees - and other serene or nature-like sounds - has been proven to help the listener fall asleep quicker than usual and have a better night's rest.
  • SOUNDS OF SILENCE: This unit offers the user a choice of 8 natural and white noise sounds to improve sleep quality, and it comes with an automatic 30/60/90 timer so that you can choose exactly how long you'd like the sounds to run before sleep-time.
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Stream your fave music or white noise sounds from your other devices - phone or tablet - via Bluetooth so that you'll have an even greater variety of comforting music or sounds when it's time to sleep.
  • PERFECTLY PRACTICAL: This unit takes a 10W wireless charge and also has a 2 USB output.
  • WAKEY WAKEY: This sleep speaker also boasts 2 alarm clock modes so you can make sure you get up on time - but it also has a snooze mode so you can cheat!
  • MORE RESTFUL SLEEP: Enjoy a more restful, and productive sleep with the help of Sealy Sleep Speakers.

Overview & Specifications:

  • Bluetooth sleep speaker with wireless charger
  • 2 Alarm clock modes
  • 5-in-1 Multifunctional unit
  • 8 Natural and white noise sounds
  • 10W Wireless charge
  • Bluetooth wireless speaker
  • 2 USB output / charging ports
  • Timer: 30/60/90 minutes
  • Snooze mode

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