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PLL Digital Alarm Clock with AM FM Radio & Snooze (NRC-170)

Brand: Naxa

SKU: NRC-170

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Wake up much better with Naxa’s PLL Digital Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio & Snooze (NRC-170). This stylish alarm clock comes with a large 0.6″ high-contrast LED display for better legibility. Operates with dual alarm clock radio functionality with digital tuning. Set all your favorite FM/AM radio stations with ease with the digital preset memory and wake up listening to what you want to hear. Has two independent alarm timers, as well as snooze and sleep functions. Set your preference on whether you’d like to wake up to the radio or a buzzer alarm.

  • Large 0.6'' high-contrast LED display
  • Dual alarm clock radio with digital tuning
  • AM/FM radio with digital preset memory
  • FM preset memory 20, AM preset memory 20
  • Two independent alarm timers, snooze, sleep, and wake to radio or buzzer functions
  • Time/alarm battery backup
  • Power Source: AC 110V adapter, 2 x AA batteries (clock backup, not included)
  • Accessories included: AC power adapter, User manual
  • Product Name:  PLL Digital Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio & Snooze
  • Display Type:  Large 0.6" LED
  • Speaker Type:  Mono (1W)
  • Radio Tuner:  AM/FM with Digital Preset Tuning
  • Additional Features:  FM Preset Memory: 20, AM Preset Memory: 20
  • Alarm Clock:  Dual Timer
  • Wireless Charge:  No
  • Power Source:  AC 110V, 2 x AAA batteries (clock backup, not included)
  • Accessories included:  AC power adapter, User manual
  • UL/ETL Certification :  Yes



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