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Deluxe Plush 3-Piece Bathroom Gift Box Spa Set

Brand: JupiterHome


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Deluxe Plush 3-Piece Bathroom Gift Box Spa Set

Pamper yourself with this gorgeous Deluxe Plush 3-Piece Bathroom Spa Set Gift Box!

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat you can’t wait to relax in! With the perfect set of high-quality and highly functional bathroom spa products, you can turn any ordinary space into an oasis of restorative tranquillity. Your new plush towel wrap, hair towel twist, and loofah will not only add aesthetic charm but also provide unparalleled comfort that will enhance both relaxation time and bathing rituals. So if you're looking for ways to level up your home bathroom decor or want an elevated experience when it comes to getting ready for the day, you've come to the right place!

Available in six stunningly vibrant color combinations, this elegant yet practical bathroom spa gift set is the thing you didn't know you needed!

The set consists of a plush towel wrap, a hair towel twist, and a loofah - and everything is color coordinated so you can pick the color that best fits your bathroom. This bath-time spa combination is packed in a sturdy and beautifully-patterned gift box sealed with a ribbon (and a kiss!). The ribbons have hook&loop fastenings, so you can use them to roll-n-pack your gorgeously soft towel wrap.

How to care for your spa set:

Plush Towel Wrap & Hair Towel Twist:
- towel wrap: 100% polyester
- hair towel twist: 100% cotton
- machine wash in cold water with like colors
- tumble dry on low heat
- 100% nylon
- rinse and hang dry after each use
- do not put in washer or dryer

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