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Crystaltech Nano Windshield Treatment (15277-HYP)

Brand: CrystalTech

SKU: 15277-HYP

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The Crystaltech Nano Liquid Glass Windshield Protector offers unparalleled protection against the elements. It protects against water, frost, snow and stains for up to a year -- longer than any other commercially available product on the market. Rain beads and rolls right off, and frost and snow won’t stick to the glass, providing a safer driving environment. A product of Germany, this precision nano liquid glass formula is the ultimate protection against wet weather and winter.

Special Features:• Repels water
• Rain beads and rolls right off
• Reduces wiper friction
• Keeps glass free from stains
• Increases visibility
• Prevents Stains
• Frost and snow will not stick
• Lasts up to 1 year
• Forms an invisible layer of protection
• SGS Tested and Verified

Specifications:• Material: SiO2
• Coating: SiO2
• Surface Hardness: 9H

Package Contents:• Pre-Cleaner Wipe
• Nano Liquid Towelette
• Instructions

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