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Sealy Fabric Rubberized Sleep Speaker w Adjustable Light & Noise Level (SN-109)

Brand: Sealy


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Sealy Fabric Rubberized Sleep Speaker with Light


  • GENTLE LIGHTING & SOOTHING SOUNDS: Sleep tight with the help of soothing sounds and gentle lighting. These sleep speakers provide comforting sleep noises that can help relax you so that you can get a better night's sleep.
  • SOUNDS OF SILENCE: This unit offers the user a choice of 8 soothing sleep-inducing sounds to improve sleep quality, and it comes with an automatic timer so that you can choose exactly how long you'd like the sounds to run before sleep-time.
  • PERFECTLY PRACTICAL: This sleep speaker is eminently practical in that it has a rubberized finish, a fabric covering over the speaker, and a rechargeable battery. The rubberized coating helps insulate the unit from damage should it be knocked over at night or should liquid be split on it, and the fabric covering ensures a fuller, richer, sound.
  • NIGHT LIGHT: This unit also comes with a night light, to make it easier for you to see in the dark and to adjust your eyes after the change from light to darkness. This is especially helpful when traveling and staying in unfamiliar locations.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable noise levels and lighting intensity make it suitable for even the lightest sleepers and perfect for all ages.
  • MORE RESTFUL SLEEP: Enjoy a more restful, and productive sleep with the help of Sealy Sleep Speakers.

Overview & Specifications:

  • Fabric rubberized sleep speaker with night light
  • Rubberized outer finish
  • 8 Soothing sleep noises / sound modes including white noise, waves, rain & lullaby
  • Night light
  • 5Hrs working time
  • Type-3 rechargeable battery
  • Automatic timer with 30/60/90 minute settings
  • Premium speaker

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