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Sealy Bluetooth Multicolor LED Sleep Speaker with Built-In Microphone (SN-105)

Brand: Sealy


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Sealy Bluetooth Multicolor LED Sleep Speaker with Built-In Microphone


  • GENTLE LIGHTING & SOOTHING SOUNDS: Sleep tight with the help of soothing sounds and gentle lighting. These sleep speakers provide comforting white noise accompanied by gorgeous mood lighting so that you can get a better night's sleep.
  • SOUNDS OF SILENCE: This unit offers the user a choice of 3 brightness levels and 7 multicolor mood lights. Choose your favorite mode, color and brightness level to make your night easier.
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Stream your fave music or white noise sounds from your other devices - phone or tablet - via Bluetooth so that you'll always have comforting music or sounds when it's time to sleep. This unit also comes with a built-in microphone, which is almost unique among sleep speakers.
  • EXTENDED PLAYTIME: Enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous LED time on one charge. This unit is also battery operated so you can take it anywhere.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable noise levels and lighting intensity make it suitable for even the lightest sleepers and perfect for all ages.
  • MORE RESTFUL SLEEP: Enjoy a more restful, and productive sleep with the help of Sealy Bluetooth Sleep Speakers.

Overview & Specifications:

  • Bluetooth LED Sleep Speaker with Microphone
  • 3 Brightness Levels
  • 7 Multicolor Mood Lights
  • 8 Sleep Sound Modes including white noise, nature, light music & alarm
  • White Noise Therapy
  • Up to 24 Hours Playing Time
  • Alarm Clock
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Touch Responsive
  • Premium Sound
  • Up to 15 Hours Continuous LED Time
  • Rechargeable Battery

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